Increase Sales Page Conversions With 

Social Proof Notifications

Total Sign Ups


Total Sign Ups notification shows who signed up or purchased on your site. Used on pages that get 5 or more leads or sales per day and is one of the more popular selections.

Live Visitor Count Notifications

The Live Visitor Count notification show number of people visiting your entire site or whatever URLs you set. You have full control.

Recent Activity Notifications

Recent activity shows where your visitors are from, best suited for local businesses but we've seen increased conversion with online stores.

Review Notifications

Increase your business trust worthiness with the help of your existing reviews.



Why You Need Social Proof Notifications

Minimum 10% Conversion Increase Across Major Industries

Social validation and fomo will convert more visitors into leads and customers.

Saves Money & Increases your ROI

You ad budget and over all customer acquisition will improve by utilizing your sites engagement.

Builds Credibility

Show the latest trending items and honest live engagement to increase trust & brand reputation for cold traffic or returning visitors.

Increase your Conversion Rate

Increase Your Conversions

Getting traffic is useless if your visitors don’t convert. MergeNotify helps you to grow faster by increasing your conversion rate.

  • More revenue

  • Less Advertising

  • Reach Goals Faster

Set Up Goals to Track Specific Pages

Compare Notifications vs Not Using Them

MergeNotify allow you to track certain URLs to help you track what's working.

  • Split Testing, run tests by comparing your MergeNotify Goals with version of your page that aren't using social proof notifications to see what's working. 

  • Dedicated Analytics, get real time analytics of what's happening on your sales funnels. e.g. total visitors vs total engagement. 

I love this app! Its easy to install, set up the notifications and it's really a great social boost. 

William Jeffries, SociNoz Inc.

How Online Stores

 Increase Conversions 
 With MergeNotify 

The average conversion rate for a website is 4-5%

...but it doesn't have to be that way.

Your online or offline store has 3 big challenges…


  • Problem # 1  Doubt 

    It’s hard to show customers they can trust you – you have to prove it.

  • Problem # 2  Delay 

    Most people don’t buy straight away – they shop around

  • Problem # 2  Anxiety 

    Paying for something hurts, and people often give up halfway through


  • Solution # 1  Social Proof 

    Add Social Proof Notifications to your website to build trust and remove doubt

  • Solution # 2  FOMO 

    Add FOMO(fear of missing out) notifications to your product pages to stop
    customers procrastinating. e.g. 48 Viewing, 4 copies left

  • Solution # 3  Cart Abandonment

    Add Cart Abandonment Notifications to basket pages to
    remove doubt

Boost sales by


 with automatic Social Proof 

Just one customer review can increase sales by over 10% and multiple reviews can boost them by up to 44%.


MergeNotify automatically displays customer ratings on your product pages and can even show your customers who bought an item recently.

Use FOMO (fear of missing out)

to avoid procrastination.


Less than 10% of customers buy a product without comparing it to alternatives. That causes delays.

Low-stock Notifications persuade your customers to take action, and Urgency Notifications create a deadline, so your customers make a decision sooner.

Cut cart abandonment by up to 



According to the Baymard Institute...

Over 50% of all purchases fall at the final hurdle. Parting with money is painful (literally), but the right information makes it easier. A well thought-out checkout page can reduce abandoned purchases by up to 35%.

"Adding live social proof was the #1 driver of increased revenue in all my experiments while at Airbnb."

Gustaf Alstromer
Y Combinator Partner,
Former Head of Growth at Airbnb

Based on Psychological Principles Used by eCommerce Giants

MergeNotify provides tactics used by eCommerce giants Amazon, driving conversions on your store.

  • Scarcity

    Emphasise scarcity to increase perceived value

  • Urgency

    Introduce a time limit, creating a sense of urgency to encourage a quick conversion.


    Social Proof

    Utilise stats on purchases to harness the power of social proof

  • Cognitive Ease

    Send information designed to simplify decision to purchase

  • Reciprocity

    Offer something small and encourage a conversion in return

  • Authority

    Use respected authority figures to reinforce a product's merits


Reduce the bounce rate on every type of page

MergeNotify shows relevant messages for each page type, reducing the bounce rate on your Home, Blog, Catalog, Collections, Product, Cart, and Confirmation pages.

Speak to customers in their language

MergeNotify displays notifications in a range of languages. Simply select the one you need and start messaging.

Easy to Install

Copy and Paste Pixel. Auto-synch and stream your page conversions with over 60 apps.

Beautiful Designs

Grab every potential visitor by showing highly customizable pop-up notifications on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Smart Targeting

Display social proof on certain urls where you want a visitor to take specific actions.

Showcase Activity

Track and highlight clicks, views, hovers and sign ups.





(Currently under development)

Web Push Notifications

 You Get a Different Type of Notification 

Get Social Proof Notifications & Web Push Notifications

Inside One Complete Intuitive Notification Dashboard

Social Proof

Notifications(already included)

Show real number of people who have signed up on your landing page via pop up notification, or show who's bought your product on your checkout page to help build trust faster essentially increasing conversions


Push Notifications

Stay in front of your customers even after they leave your desktop with browser push notifications. Works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera.


Push Notifications

Be the first message a customer sees when they pick up their phone. Notifications are the primary funnel entry source for most mobile phone traffic.



Customize your colors, messages, logos, and upload your  own icons or images or gifs.

What's The BUZZ All About on 

Web Push Notifications?


Open rates with Push Notifications are high as 60% and interaction rates as high as 40%


- Xtify


54% convert from push notifications compared to the typical 15% by email


- Localtycis


65% of users renturing to the site after 30 days vs the average of just 19% of people who normally return to your site


- Urban Airship by Adweek


 Web Push Notifications 

Schedule Notifications

MergeNotify comes with a built-in scheduling feature giving you the flexibility of sending notifications in synch with your promotions.

    Welcome Notifications

    Show your appreciation by sending a warm welcome notification as soon as a user subscribes, it makes them feel valued and encourages engagement

        Segment Notifications

        Segmenting your users based on pages they've seen, their geography, interests plus more. Allowing you to target groups of users and send relevant web and mobile push notifications later.

        Cart Abandonment Notifications

        Follow up with a coupon when they don't buy from your checkout page works great because the click rates of push notifications are relatively high when compared to those of emails.

            New Product Notifications

            Update subscribers instantly about any new promotion or important updates in order to increase eyeballs and sales conversions.

              Inactive User


              Although notifications are sent to both active and inactive users, web push notifications are a better channel to reach infrequent visitors.


              WE GOT YOU COVERED


              Send Notifications to the  Most Popular Browsers on the Internet, Android or IOs





              OPERA BROWSER



               Who Is This For? 

              For Entrepreneur's From All Walks of Life

              Anyone that needs a complete notification solution. Get the high open rates from Push Notifications which are double that of email. Or build trust, awareness and even scarcity using social proof notification anywhere on your site.

              Basically, if you have a website. Then you need this in your marketing arsenal.

              • Information Products

              • Local Small Businesses

              • B2B Lead

              • Agency/Freelancers

              • Coaching/Consulting

              • Blogging/Affiliates

              • Newbies Just Getting Started

              • Ecommerce

              • Network marketing

              • Non-Profits

              Plans & Pricing

              Find the plan that’s right for you.

              Start Up



              Unique visitors /month

              • Unlimited Notifications

              • Unlimited Domains

              • Custom Settings

              • Live Page View Noties

              • Recent Purchase Noties

              • Sign Up Noties

              • Google Review Noties

              • Custom Noties

              • Web Push Noties

              • Priority Support

              Wizard Stew



              Unique visitors /month

              • Unlimited Notifications

              • Unlimited Domains

              • Custom Settings

              • Live Page View Noties

              • Recent Purchase Noties

              • Sign Up Noties

              • Google Review Noties

              • Custom Noties

              • Web Push Noties

              • Priority Support

              • Removable Branding

              Growth Hacker



              Unique visitors /month

              • Unlimited Notifications

              • Unlimited Domains

              • Custom Settings

              • Live Page View Noties

              • Recent Purchase Noties

              • Sign Up Noties

              • Google Review Noties

              • Custom Noties

              • Web Push Noties

              • Priority Support

              • Removable Branding




              Unique visitors /month

              • Unlimited Notifications

              • Unlimited Domains

              • Custom Settings

              • Live Page View Noties

              • Recent Purchase Noties

              • Sign Up Noties

              • Google Review Noties

              • Custom Noties

              • Web Push Noties

              • Priority Support

              • Removable Branding

              Frequently asked question

              Here are a few answers to our most common questions

              What do you mean by visitors?

              Will MergeNotify work for all the customers on my website?

              How does MereNotify work?

              But will it work for me?

              Can I cancel or change plan anytime?

              Where does MergeNotify get my customer's profile pictures from?

              Can I get rid of the small MergeNotify branding?

              Are these notifications legit?


              If for some reason you don't like the software, or you just not happy for whatever reason. Then no biggy, you could even refund your self on our self serving support desk. Or I will personally refund you myself. You have my 100% Money Back Guarantee!

              My customer support team and I are ready to answer any question you may have about MergeNotify and includes access to the software training tutorials to walk through and set everything up once and let us take care the automations that will help you increase conversions. 

              P.S.: After almost a year of development, and thousands of man hours, its finally here. My team and I put our heart and soul into the software and the training material that went into creating this platform for you.


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