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Voice Search Software

Tap into the fastest growing ocean of free traffic through Alexa voice search,  re-purpose your audio content with Flash Briefings or create your own Podcast Skill.

Starter Package

Monthly Plan


  • Create & Schedule Podcasts

  • Create & Schedule Flash Briefings

  • Repurpose Articles w/ Text To Speech Content Generator

  • Text-to-speech Technology

  • RSS Content Generator

  • DFY Alexa Landing Page Templates

  • DFY Alexa Flash Briefings in Various Niches

  • Fully Cloud Based App

  • Amazon API Compliant

Social Proof Notifications

Create social proof notifications for your site to build rapport with visitors faster and increase sales and conversions.

Starter Package

Monthly Plan


  • Urgency & Scarcity Notifications

  • Facebook & Google My Business Reviews Notifications

  • Purchase Notifications

  • Sign Up Notifications

  • Live Visitor Notifications

  • Announcement Notifications

  • Goal Tracking

  • Own Branded Notifications

  • 50+ App Integrations

  • New Software Feature Updates 

Social Media Referral Software

Build your email list for free and grow your social media properties through fun and engaging viral social programs using of word-of-mouth referral software.

Starter Package

Monthly Plan


  • Traditional Referral Programs

  • Contests & Giveaways

  • Split Test Campaigns

  • Give points for referrals

  • Give points referred leads

  • Give points for social shares

  • Give points for any specific actions

  • Grow your email list for free

  • Infiltrate any niche instantly



Keep Austin Weird!

AustinTexas is the fastest-growing major metro area in the US with a vibrant music scene. There's a reason Austin has been dubbed "Silicon Hills." It's where droves of tech talent from Silicon Valley and beyond are headed if they haven't landed here already. Keep Austin Weird is the city slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote local small businesses in Austin


If you're ever in town and looking to discuss possible joint venture opportunities, make sure to contact us below.

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